Installer & meta-package for the nwg-shell project: a GTK3-based shell for sway and Hyprland Wayland compositors

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Utilities and scripts

Screenshots: swappy

Swappy is a Wayland native snapshot and editor tool, inspired by Snappy on macOS. We use it to make partial screenshots, but it is worth reading the README to find out about other possible applications.


Button bar: nwg-bar

The nwg-bar command creates a button bar on the basis of a JSON template placed in the ~/.config/nwg-bar folder. By default the command displays a horizontal bar in the center of the screen. Nwg-shell uses the bar to display the exit menu, but you may find other uses for it, too.


Clipboard manager: nwg-clipman

Nwg-clipman is a GTK3-based GUI for Senan Kelly’s cliphist. It provides access and management of the clipboard history from an easy to use GTK window.


Icon picker: nwg-icon-picker

Nwg-icon-picker is a tool to search GTK icons by name. Utilized by nwg-panel settings, may also be used system-wide.


Workflow: autotiling

Sway is a great window manager, but changing layouts manually can be tiring for some users (including me). This script uses the i3ipc-python library to automagically switch the layout splith/splitv, depending on the currently focused window dimensions.

Since v0.2.5 nwg-shell does not use the autotiling package, but its own nwg-autotiling script, that’s better adjusted to use here.


Important note: turning autotiling on will spoil some default sway behaviour:

Fake master/stack layout on HDMI-A-1


System info: gopsuinfo

This CLI command, based on the gopsutil Go module, produces text output to display system usage info in nwg-panel executors.